Is a woman’s internal orgasm attainable


I’ve read a few wordpress blog posts that seem to imply that a penetrative orgasm isn’t attainable. I’ll start with a few assumptions, I do not actually know if DW orgasms during sex, I can’t plug into her head and see whats going on, but given the way that her body reacts during sex, I’m guessing she does.

It would be pretty difficult to make your whole upper body flush red, she tenses, digs her nails into me or something and stiffens until she completely relaxes.

Its not an everyday occurrence maybe once a week or a fortnight. Orally, an external cum happens every other day I’m terrible at fingering her, it would he nice if I could do that but I’m useless at it so I have to rely on cock and mouth.

Its nice being able to make someone orgasm, its a good thing.