Preparing for datenight

So tonight is one of our datenights. The kids are tucked up in bed with tablets,snacks and juices, they know its mummy and daddy’s golden time.

Were having gourmet burgers, the meals is as follows:

Smacks, parboiled potato wedges battered and fried in a matzo meal batter (smacks are a midlands thing so I believe).

Pickle chips,

Courgette chips,

Mixed leaf salad,

Chiabatta buns and beigles,

Chicken fried stake strips,

Buffalo meat burgers,



Red onion jam.


A light lager.

We’ve got ourselves ready, well DW is in the bath now, emoliating and shaving, and especially paying attention to smoothing everything from around her racing stripe.

Thing is I don’t think many men still pay enough attention, yesterday I shaved my cock and balls and today I followed up with, first running my electric razor over the days growth, that removes all the sharp stubble from around my cock and its shaft. Next a good wash down there, and then talc, not moisturiser or oils talc, it gives a smooth, dry firm masculine texture to the skin.

Now I’ve got my apron on, I’m in white loose linen pants, birkenstocks and a taupe cashmere sweater, I’m going to cook a tasty meal, we’ll eat and then have good deep passionate sex. All in all yum