Off my game, pornburger, and a planned date night

I was really off my game last night, I couldn’t get into the right rhythm while licking DW pussy. I’m disappointed with myself, she orgasmed eventually, but my performance was lacklustre at best.

I couldn’t get the rhythm, speed and pressure right as well as not being able to get to the spot just to the lower left of her clit. I just didn’t feel I was getting anything right.

DW did cum in the end and her pussy was very wet and relaxed and we had pretty nice sex, DW decided to skip her internal cum in favour of me emptying myself into her, but I have to admit that my squirt of cum felt rather weak.

We chatted about it afterwards and I’m going to forgo wanking over the next three days so I can build up a big load and we’re going to have a date night Saturday. I do watch too much porn, it’s not good but I do want more sex than she does. We do have a major mismatch in something’s. She wants to drink much more than I do, I want much more sex than she does. I think that we have a similar approach to both our “problems” but won’t stop and respect each others feelings.

Its complicated and difficult to describe, I would like her to drop all her sex inhibitions, she wants me to drop my anti-alcohol aggressiveness. It would be nice if she could free herself of her issues around blowjobs, I’d like her to really want to do it, not me ask, and to do it to completion and be OK about cum in her mouth or over her body. It frustrates me that as I’m getting close she stops. I suppose its a difference in viewpoints, I’ll go down on her until she’s satisfied and I’d like her to take the same approach.

The same applies to anal, I don’t understand why she doesn’t want to practice until she enjoys it. Her main complaint is the pain of entry, but she has the same issue with her pussy. If we spend time relaxing and lubing her pussy, entry isn’t painful. She likes the idea of anal but won’t go those extra steps to learn to enjoy it.

I feel that she has very conservative catholic tastes towards sex, conceptually anal could be fun, but then there is the mismatch with the tangible dirtiness of the bumhole. Occasionally, she lets me rim her but still I think the Freudian anal issues spring up. The anus is dirty, therefore anything involved with the anus must be wrong by default and it must be difficult reconciling it in her mind.

Having said that, I can apply the same conceptual analysis to drinking, for me alcohol consumption outside of specific events is morally wrong, alcohol changes the mental landscape and decision making process and thus is very distasteful.

So anyway, this weekend is going to be a pornburger date night, if you havent checked out pornburger you should do. Its the ultimate in L’Americain bas cuisine, so were going to build awsome burgers together, have good spunky cummy sex and drinks. Maybe we could decide in advance to have a middle ground, not too much sex for her and not too much drinking for me.