Shul membership fees. “Strengthen the relationship rather than fray it” A hypocritical Rabbi

Last week I encountered religious hypocrisy of the worst sort. Our Rabbi isn’t the greatest person in the world. He doesn’t seem to do much for the community of the Shul, unless that is if you give monster donations in cold hard cash.

Since we joined the Shul, we’ve given a lot in time, effort and items. My wife teaches in the Chader – for free – she won’t take the wages offered. We’ve given the Shul’s Chader a DSLR Camera, two win 7 laptops, an A3 inkjet printer, two mid range digital video cameras. Interestingly, the Chader headteachers wife seems to think that the camera equipment was given to her not the Chader.

At festivals, we provide a shitload of food, I do security.

We haven’t been able to pay memhership fees cos we’re skint at the moment. So the Rabbi rings me up and basically , the conversation went, If you don’t pay your fees your not welcome back.

Hmmmm! There are a lot of members who don’t do a thing for the community but pay their fees. When my wife was ill with an appendicitis we heard nothing from the Rabbi, when the Shul administrator was ill with a spinal injury she had no contact from the Rabbi. His pastoral care is atrocious, I don’t think he’s visited any ill members of the Shul, except when they are dead (and I suspect an ulterior motive, bequests perhaps).

A couple of years ago, we as a couple needed some guidance, this was just before our year of hell started. He showed no interest in talking to or supporting us in a difficult time.

Now he wants some cash, and we cant give it, so were not welcome. Grist to the mill for stereotypes.

He has let us and the family down and this is why our Shul community is so small.