Making your partner orgasm, a good feeling of acheivement

I suppose I see it that sex breaks down into two board categories, selfish sex where its only to achieve your own pleasure or unselfish where you get off on seeing your efforts please someone else.

A couple of nights ago, we started having a quicky and we’d both got into a good position, where without trying my cock got into the place to hit DW internal orgasm spot.

Her cum spot is quite deep, tucked up to the lower right and just behind her cervix. Navigating the interior of a pussy with your cock is a bit like flying an RC helicopter with night vision goggles. You have a rough idea of where it is but not a complete visual of whats going on.

Sometimes I go in and up, other times its left and down, to navigate to her O spot its right, then diagonally down and then shift weight to lift my bellend into place. I know I’m there because of a couple of signals, I can feel the firmness of her cervix just behind the ridge of my cock as soon as I hit the spot I can feel her pussy relax and she goes “just there, that the spot”.

Next come the difficult bit, maintaining consistent speed and position, to help build the sensations in the O spot until the cum takes over completely. DW very good at giving feedback. DW has also maintained that my cock is the perfect fit for her. Not so long that it’s up into her belly, not skinny so it rattles around, wide enough to give her the good stretch pain.

In part this may help to describe why some women become size queens, if they’re having sex with a man who isn’t putting in the effort to move around to discover whats good, then a big cock that accidentally hits the cum spot will be the clincher for good sex.

With DW I know I’m in the good place cos she goes “oooff” and starts to flush and go scarlet. Once the waves of orgasm hit her and is building to the big cum. She’s not a noisy woman in bed, she goes very quiet as she cums, head back, mouth wide open and goes completely scarlet from the top of her head all the way to her belly, she looks like she suddenly has bad sunburn.

The final part is that she digs her nails into what ever part of me she’s gripping. In our first few years together, before children and work and London really got in the way, I used to have huge scratches and chunks gouged out of me, thighs, back, chest and arms in particular.

I’m glad that ten years in we still have good orgasms together, we’ve had some difficult years and I think the endorphin/oxytocin rush of orgasm helps us  keep together. Before me no man had made her cum, I managed to achieve it with cock and mouth and to a much lesser extent fingers. She’d never experienced an orgasm through cunilingus, she’d had a few monster cocks but none of them wee selfless enough to explore her pussy and discover her cum spot.

Its been a long time since she’s had a squirting orgasm, it takes a long time for her to build to that one and we never get relaxed enough to take the time for it.

I know one thing that’s bothering her though is that my cumming is pretty inconsistant, after she’d orgasmed she wanted me to flood her pussy with cum, I was hot sweaty, out of breath, I’m old the antidepressants don’t help and of course too much wanking to FFM threesome porn and anal porn (those are the two things we should have got into heavily before children).

Tonight, I’ve asked her to make time for me to go down on her, her pussy is looking fine at the moment, she’s got a lovely rectangle of pubes and shaved around her lips, they’re looking very suckable at the moment and her clit is very lick/flick-able. I really hope she’s in the mood for it tonight.