Motivation at work, a goal, a role and a reason for self confidence

Yesterday, I became a startup. I’ve been pretty fed up with being an employee as the goals constantly shift and the goal of be a little cog in the business machine has dented my motivation.

Being a cog doesn’t really fit with family life, work is much more needy than children. In early, leave late do this, do that, do the other just for a pay packet. When both parents work in such environments, the work life balance gets out of kilter.

The roles are ill defined as well, be this sort of software engineer now be that because the business doesn’t know what its doing or what it wants. Match no goal with no role and bosses who sap your self-confidence because they equate bulling to motivating. You end up with a recipe for immolating your own job.

So yesterday, I created a goal, start my own business so that I can work around my family for their benefit. The role is my own leadership, the self confidence comes for providing an excellent service with the prime beneficiaries being a happy family.

I set about designing a flyer and a business card using vista print, that took an hour or two. Next I set up a website again another hour, so far I’ve spent less than gbp 100, much less in fact, £48. This morning I set too identifying the businesses I want to target in London, using a combination of Google maps and Linkedin. My target if 100 names and addresses of CEO’s, directors and heads of …. So far today I have 50. Next, I’m handwriting an introduction letter to post to them directly with the flyer and business card. So far I’ve done 10.

Once I have 25 handwritten letters, I’ll post them out and set to with the next 25 and so on until I’ve sent all 100. If I get 2% conversion rate, not bad.

Two gigs at a k per day will be very good indeed. The problem for me would be a much higher conversion rate. Information I’ve found has been around 4.4%, which would be a work overload, higher than that and I would have to undergo rapid expansion.

I’m going for the hand written mailshot as its a differentiator in this day and age of coldcalls and spam. If I can take the time to handwrite I can take the time to do a good job.

Fingers crossed this isn’t just a chunk of bullshit on my part.