We were too tired, different sex drives and different timings

It’s been over 24 hours since we last got jiggy, yesterday we were both too tired. About three AM Thursday morning, I woke up to go to the toilet, when I got back into the bedroom, DW was asleep and naked. She was looking damn fine, she’s got a beautiful neat pussy, I did something at that point that is a violation of her personal space. I just had to kiss and snog her gorgeous bits. It’s wrong I know, she was asleep, but her body responded, she sleepily opened her legs a bit and mumbled something. So I sucked on her clit a bit more.

While I did this she reached down putting her hand on the side of my head, I carried on licking and she started to pull me up and open her legs more. She has a good natural fucking position, she likes to raise her knees and point her feet.

I got my cock up to her pussy and she was really wet and open, it was easy to slide into her. I think at this point she was only a third awake, she was muttering and mumbling. I went in fast and deep, she made that “ooofff” noise as I hit her cervix and felt my cock slide up to the right (my right, her left). As she was very relaxed, I kept on pulling all the way out and going deep in. Normally, we have a bit of a struggle to get it in, she’s got a pretty fit, strong pussy muscles, she does kegels alot and we work out her pussy with my cock several times a week.

The down side is that quickies are quite difficult,  as she needs a fair amount of foreplay to get her ready, its not as though I could lift her skirt, pop her on a work surface or table, pull her thong to one side and enter her, even with lube its a bit of an ouchie for her.

So, I was going for the pull all the way out and slam into her, we don’t fuck in that style often, because, obviously, ramming it home is painful. She raised her legs higher, she has the dancers style of fuck position, knees up, pointed feet. So we fucked like that until I blew a huge load, sadly, she was too sleepy to enjoy the squirt and flood, but I got to enjoy watching the cream pie flood out and down over her pussy and into her bum crack. I had to have a little taste, cos it looked fucking sexy and lucky me she lifter her hips so I could lick down further and I got to give her a little rimming. Tasting spunk and pussy juice with a side order of rimming is pretty darn sexy, I know its not to everyone’s taste but there you go.

As I stood up she went mmmm Mmm MMM, and reached for my cock, pulled me towards her and gave the tip/eye a kiss, and rolled over on to her side. I walked round to my side of the bed got in and we both fell asleep immediately.

I know we have interpersonal ups and downs as a married couple, but I think that our fucking style helps to keep us together. That and our vision for the family and that we have no one other than each other for support.