Where are we going and where will we end up.

The last week has been pretty ragged, DW has started drinking again and it’s starting to escalate. I’m pretty worn out by it, we’ve got a lot on our plate, the independent school, is punitively trying to screw us for this terms fees. I’ve given a letter to their solicitors very politely telling them to fuck off,here’s our offer, see you in courts cunts and it goes into the public domain, so irrespective of the magistrates decision, it will go into the papers.

Next is our housing nightmare, I’m a bankrupt, so my credit reference fucks us for getting a place to live.

Finally, I need more sex, DW can nip in to an offy, to get her hit, I have to be nice and put up with her shit, so I can get fucked. Shit order, shit happens, the bad thing about this is, is that if I try it on against her will it’s rape, she drinks and fucks up our family, she gets a free pass, other than taking the children out of this environment, there is no sanction for an alky.

Basically, her alcoholic behaviour is abuse, abuse of one adult and two children, can I call the plods and have her nicked, can I fuck. I tried it once a couple of burly plods and a diesel plonk turned up and proceeded to do fuck all, they checked on the kids, DW was in bed by that point so they copped a look and went on their way.

See, no one gives a fuck about solving alcoholism, the WHO doesn’t class it as an addictive drug, the government gets revenue, the wanky muslim shop keepers around here are more than happy to sell booze to the westerners. Again a brilliant bit of religious hypocracy,  every Islamic country I’ve been to all you have to do is ask a taxi driver where you get sauce from and they’ll happily take you there, bastards.

Anyway, I really need a fuck, I need a mouth, arse or pussy around my cock milking the spunk out of me. I need to flood a tight hole with a load of cum and then enjoy watching some cumplay, whether it’s swallowing my cum with delight or a creampie play. Frankly, I don’t care about satisfying a woman, I just want hard brutal physical release and I wanna go deep and stretch, and not have to be thoughtful as to whether it hurts or not. Feeling my bellend hitting a cervix and going deeper is just what I need. Better yet, deep into an arsehole, easy in first and then fuck till it loosens and pull out and watch her rim slowly close up, before plunging back in for another deep reaming and stretching.

I miss that kind of casual hookup style of fucking, selfish and thoughtless release. You know that first time fucking where the other person wants to prove that they are sexually capable and experienced.

That’s just reminded me of a few sexcapades where I pulled women who thought they knew how to fuck. I’m sorry that your previous partners were useless in the sack but there is no need to carry it forward. I guess its because I’m a software engineer that the OCD, jolt and Eskimo pie munching code monkey stereotype plays out. I once pulled this gorgeous 6 Start hotel receptionist with a superb set of silicon thruppenny bits. They were firm and unmoving, but she had astounding double decker nipples, her areola stood proud, and she had nipples like Scammle wheel nuts about as thick as my thumb.

I fucked her hard, arms under her legs lifting them up, in deep, she was holding on to the headboard, while I hammered and corkscrewed (you know when you rotate your hips and thrust) her. Afterwards in an accent tinged with Austrian, “You’re really experienced”. That made me laugh, don’t you think if I have chutzpah to walk up to fancy hotel reception and say to the girl behind, “Wow, you are absolutely gorgeous, would you like to meet after your shift for a coffee and a chat, I ‘d really like to get to know you”.

Another time I pulled a trade floor manager for UBS Warburg, she just had a messy split from her boyfriend, it was pretty obvious that she wanted a bit of rough. She was pretty arrogant, she was rather gobsmacked when she suggested we meet in the Guildhall coffee shop at lunchtime and I responded that it would be great to see the art and amphitheatre. She way rather flat in bed, lights off under the covers, she wouldn’t let me eat her and had difficulties trying to suck my cock, a couple of kisses and an attempt to take it into her mouth. She was a bit of a flat fuck. The upshot though was that she introduced me to her mother who was a widow, who turned out to be a real rocket in the sack, loved anal, she’d say things like “oh you deep in me, it feel so good, oh go deeper, I can feel myself stretch, oh that feels so good, you know what I like”.

Now, that has reminded me of a fuck I had with a senior accountant from a US global hamburger outfit, we were doing it doggy and as I’d rimmed her during 69 I thought her arsehole might be used to sexual attention, I placed my bellend against her arsehole and asked if she minded, she said “I’ve never done it so why not try”. That could have been a fib as it was easy to enter her (she was proud of her high fibre diet and exercise regimen). Afterwards she said that it was really nice and she’d like to do it again.

I guess what I’m trying to say from the above is that never presume something about someone and never think that you are more experienced before you get to know someone.

So tonight, I’m hoping that DW will deepthroat me and really go to town on cocksucking, I know she can do it, she knows she can do it, it just depends if she’s prepared to do something for me.