Weaknesses of people, is this an indicator of an addictive nature

Consider this sentence:

I surrender to ___________ because I am powerless.

Substitute the gap for alcohol, g-d, mySir, which ever is your personal demon. Then see that its not the item that controls you it’s the lack of personal character and will power.

I would love to use the phrase “strength of the will” but can’t because of Leni Refenstal and the fascist connotation. But if a person put a small percentage of the energy into having to character of never surrender, then they could become aa better person rather than letting something else control them.

Finally, don’t kid yourself that you are actually in control, because you’ve divorced control to alcohol, g-d mySir.

Evangelicals, alkys and subs all have my contempt as you won’t take control of yourselves.