11am to 12pm, Whitechapel,Bethnal Green and Vine St,

Does Jack Bauer play monopoly, so we start off with the big mosque down Whitechapel, not quite the right place to start if you want real islamic extremism, Stepney Green’s the place to go, thats where sharia land is.

Next we hop over to the old Police station on Vine St. fair enough, I would expect a CIA station there, its near the US embassy and far enough away from Paddington Green where Special Branch live.

Next were behind Bethnal Green Overground station in the lockups in the viaduct arches fine. Then it turns into an old disused factory that appears to be on Cambridge Heath road. Then he moves west towards the river. Nah! sorry it’s south east from where he was to where he gets to.

Frankly, if I was running escape and evasion in that part of London, I’d have gone north into Hackney and then on to the Trelawney Estate, any one running around there with HK’s and Glocks are gonna be thought to be SCO19 and the residents will go nuts.

Next, I’d hop on a 48,55 or 56 bus around 3:30 pm and head up to Hollow Ponds to lay low for a bit, boost a motor from Whipps Cross and head back into the centre of London, Boris has altered the timings on all the traffic signs so you get ten seconds going in but 3 seconds going out.

Hmm, Jack as much as I love you I wish you hadn’t turned up in my Ville.