11am to 12pm, how would I boost someone from Vine St.

So Jack boost Chloe, first off if the CIA was in Vine St., it wouldn’t have the underground facility that they show. Most 60’s and 70’s buildings in that area are built on piles, so at best you have only one level under the street. Next, it wouldn’t spill out under the road as the roads in central London are constantly dug up for utilities.

The Vine St. station would have the cells on the ground floor, directly behind the duty desks and reception. So the next item is the telco sub exchange, these are pretty well armoured now as east Europeans and METU phreakers have been stealing telco for quite some time. The actual telco infrastructure for Vine St. would run in the underground tunnels that litter that part of London. Also it’s near to Westminster, the Admiralty, Parliament, Piccadilly, Bond St. Shaftesbury Ave. So it’s awash with SO17 and SCO19 and the traffic is mental, seriously no fast get aways.

I guess the easiest way would be to do a Baltic Exchange or an IRA MI6 mortar attack, or as Bond St. tube station is being done up knick some heavy plant.

So hacking their internal infrastructure, not easy but doable, the under skin tracking chip sorry lala land for ordinary joes to get hold of.

This all would have to be brute force, the simplest way after choking a CIA operator, would be to use his mobile and hope it wasn’t locked. Wait for the explosion and then go about springing Chloe.

But, as soon as the bomb went off, SO17, SCO19 and the standby SAS detachment in the Chinook that circles central London and the city would be on you as well as the Westminster SBS detachment (plus you have all the barracks for the Guards regiments and Cavalry around there.

So I’ve now got Chloe on to the street, there are a lot of surveillance cameras, but fortunately not enough people and computer grunt to track in real time. I’d be off to McDonalds near Piccadilly Circus and have an oppo with a change of clothes to do in the toilets.

Finally, looking like good tourists, I’d make my way up Bond St and into Selfridge’s to lay low until rush hour and go west to Ealing, Willsden or Kilburn.

It would be worthless trying to get hold of guns and explosives as that would immediately put you on a watch list. I wouldn’t even bother with a weapon as the escape and evade would be hampered by any fights.

If i had to carry weapons it would be these: my old Sykes-Fairburn

carried southpaw horizontally in a kangaroo pouch in a hoodie, combatants don’t expect southpaw and you can slot through the upper right back in a clinch for a terminal move if necessary. Next would be my old spear point 3.5″ lock blade, it has very heavy aluminium scales and doubles as a fist weight. Next is a retractable kevlar cord and a window punch, simple light and used right can get you out of a lot of situations that you should never get into.