My definition of why no g-d exists

Absolutely nothing could or would make believe, even if the/a g-d manifested its-self, I still could not believe. As for the tenants of the global religions, I find them shallow and coercive ways to manipulate and control a population through demogogery and rarely for the greater good of humankind.

If there was a manifestation before me, by the end of the process of forcing me into a belief structure, then I would no longer be the person I am and would be a different person.

I wonder how it is done, is it brainwashing in the classic Manchurian Candidate sense, is it coercion? I wonder if its the same process by which I switched political allegiance. Through out the Labour administration of Blair and Brown, I became increasingly disenfranchised with the Labour party, seeing that there methods of appeasement was doing no good and that economy and society were heading for a disaster. I became more enamoured with a hard line conservative approach of Margaret Thatcher, yet during her government I hated her with a passion.

I’m less inclined by the current coalition government, as again I see it as a centrist government that has little real strength.

The evidence that has made my changing in thinking has been the empirical evidence presented by the markets and the ONS and by personal observation. So the two thing that could exert an influence on my Atheism are not there in religious belief. No empirical evidence, that can undergo stress testing and no personal observation.

I remain an Atheist.

Finally, I need to give a caveat, I have never been of any religious inclination. Although, I was raised in a nominally Jewish household, there was never any religious inculcation or indoctrination and no attendance of a religious institution, mainly my grandparents felt that if I needed religion I would find it in my own good time and that I was free to make a choice.