Consensual sex, what to do when your partner won’t participate in the sex you want.

It’s a male dichotomy, sex with your partner must be consensual otherwise it’s a transgression of their sexual boundaries. But how do you turn the problem around? DW and I had a good time in bed, I went down on her for about 30 mins or so and she had a bit of a mediocre cum.

We then had sex, she found me a bit on the big side, once I was inside her, because she’s close to her period, her cervix had dropped a bit and at time like this, I thing I can feel the bit of the coil that protrudes from her cervix. It sort of feels at times like a needle. Weird huh? Anyway I would loved to have fucked with her again, maybe doggie or girls on top. I emptied a sizeable load of cum in her, but my tanks aren’t empty. I want to cum again, with her. Not sloping off to watch some dubious porn and knock one out, I want to be inside her.

I’d love to be able to have anal with her, I wish she wasn’t so anally retentive by anal sex, I wish she would take some time to try to learn to enjoy it. A small butt plug to get her used to something in there, then move on to something a little bigger so she gets used to being stretched. I’d love to find a way to make her enjoy it and want to do it with me.

It would be nice to hear her go, mmmm! that’s nice, it feels good, I want to feel you cum in there. And I would get to cum in the arse and then watch it slowly come out of her.

I think about bondage with her from time to time, tie her up, blindfold her. Strap her wrists to her thighs, lock a spreader bar to her ankles and then just user her for as long as I want. Dangle my cock over her mouth and feel her kiss it and lick it. Enter her pussy as many times as I want. The same goes for her arse. Finally alternate hot and cold drinks between every lick of her clit, so that my tongue alternates between being very hot and very cold on her clit. Use feathers, ice and wax for sheer sensory overload. Maybe even go to an extreme and hire a hooker, to watch her bring my wife to orgasm multiple times.

But, it has to be consensual, something that we both mutually agree with. None of the above, she would entertain. Just plain old vanilla shagging.

I dunno what to do, I want some excitement the only shared pastime that we have as a couple is sex. I put up with her drinking even though I detest it, perpahps she should think about doing the same for me.