What happens when an alcoholic hits rock bottom

This is our story, yours will be different, bet the theme is the same. Rockbottom for an alky, isn’t that hangover from hell. Its the wasteland of life that is created by being addicted to alcohol. Rockbottom, comes way after the blackout drinking binges, it ‘s when an alcoholic realises the enormity of the chaos, that alcoholism brings.

Late last year, my wife sort of accepted she had a problem. She was ordered by social services to attend a clinic, this was part and parcel of a child protection plan we have in place, because of our year from hell.

She attended and duly passed, with the A4 laminated certificate. On the surface she’s getting better, I’m sure most alkies who read this will recognise that phrase, it’s a lie you say to yourself to hide from the depths of your problem.

We hit rockbottom yesterday, in three months time we will be homeless, no where to live, with two young children. It’s made so much worst because on the surface we are very well off. A gross income of GBP 80,000 (USD 134000 CAD 148000 AUD 145000 ), if I go back to work it will double.

Yet because of DW stupidities with money because she had to drink, the ill thought out decisions, like putting the kids into independent school. Alcohol impairs judgement, that’s why its illegal to drink and drive. Yet it’s not illegal to drink and make financial decisions.

We’ve now got pretty poor credit histories, I have as well because I bailed her out and absorbed chunks of her debt. As an example she ran up £6500 worth of unsecured debt, which I paid off, three months later she committed us to  paying for a nanny, where DW paid her well over what she was worth (£40 per hour) because she didn’t think it through, mostly because she was thinking about where her next drink was coming from.

So now we have hit rockbottom, our children have emotional scars which are only going to become worst once we become homeless.

What I don’t think alkies realise is the impact that they have on those around them. They sort of do in the vague sense that it allows them to justify more drinking, but they don’t stop to say to themselves, my actions are actually destroying someone else’s life, how selfish am I just because I’m addicted to a drink that impairs the way I think and my judgement.

I don’t quite know what to do next, we can’t keep on like this. We need help and advice but where to get it from?