There are some things I miss in a monogamous relationship

I miss the thrill of getting someone and discovering the things they’ll do and how they do it. Everyone does sex their own way. It’s fun to discover, every-bodies bodies are different and beautiful in their own way. One of the reasons I like going down so much is that I get a good close-up on a woman’s intimate bits, the shape, colour, texture. Wonderful, I always found it very exciting the first time, I’d peel the knickers down and get to see if a woman was smooth, stubbly, trimmed or full-fur, and the colour of the fuzz too. I’ve slept with a number of redheads and the difference in colour has taken my breath away. I once had a one night stand with a girl called Bekki and she had pubes like a little red brillo pad. I spent an age, pressing her pubes down and watching them spring back into place. It was fascinating,  I loved it.

Another redhead, Selina, was much more ginger and had quite a lot of fuzz around her lips, when she got wet, it ran like a river and dripped of the fuzz, it looked rather sweet.

I’ve always found blonds to be quite sparse when they’ve been full fur and natural. Louise, was an almost platinum blond, really fair, but she was a bit too body conscious and wouldn’t let me go down on her too much.

Girls with stubble have always been my favourite a week or twos worth of growth about five millimeters. I was sleeping with this one girl Lindsay, and she’d trim down with clippers once a week, every time we had sex, I’d trim off a few of her pubes as a keepsake.

Oonagh on the other hand was totally Au-natural and often there would be the spiders legs sticking out of the edges of her thongs.

Now by and far the best pussy ever is my wife’s, our first time together, I eased her knickers off and she had a lovely mound of blondish pubes. I was quite surprised as this was ten years ago and nearly all the girls I’d been sleeping with were totally smooth. DW on the other han had this wonderful curl just above her clithood. Just as I was about to go down on her for the very first time, the rhyme “there was a girl who had a curl, right in the middle of her forehead, when she was good she was very very good, when she was bad she was horrid”. Well it turned out she was very good indeed.

Not long after that, she waxed and for the best part of ten years she’s been completely smooth, but recently, I mentioned I’d like to see her sporting a rectangle of fuzz. Wow, its lovely I get my nose tickled while I’m eating her.