The middle class homeless, we’re about to fall into a hole

Five years ago, we declared bankruptcy, this was just at the start of the credit crunch. A three month period of unemployment, stretched our finances to breaking point, the bank foreclosed. So just before we had to declare bankruptcy, we returned the house to the bank and rented.

This has turned out not to be a blessing in disguise as now, we have to move as our landlord won’t renew our tenancy. If we try to rent now, because our credit score is so bad, the computer says no.

So how do we get somewhere to live? We’re both professionals, when I was working and not a stay at home dad, my gross income was £80k, DW’s income is roughly the same, we are both in the top 5% of UK wage earners, yet here we are. We are three months away from becoming homeless.

It’s ridiculous, most of the time it’s you can’t get a job because you don’t have a home. Here we are, we can get jobs but can’t get a home.

It’s farcical, I work in Financial Services in the City of London, I can get a job as long as I am not a financial decision maker, that’s what the Financial Conduct Authority says. I don’t wish to show off but I’ve got a MSc in Business Systems Analysis and Computer Science, a BTEC Diploma in Business and Finance, a BTEC Diploma in Business(Accounting) and a BTEC Diploma in Business(Law) as well as BSc in Archeological Sciences. Pretty good set of qualifications, The BTEC’s I did as part-time courses so I could actually be a domain expert in what a business needs and does, frankly I have no problems getting a job even though I’m old and well past my sell by date, as far as the yout is concerned.

The fact that I constantly improve my skills by being on the bleeding edge of SW Development. But that means nothing with trying to find a home.