We had a nice bit of Golden time this afternoon.

Dw had been out shopping and bought a few clothes, the children were tucked up in front of the TV engrossed in youtube.

I was dead cheeky as DW was facing the bed, going through the stuff she’d bought. I nipped up behind her kissed the back of her neck and cheekily whiped her leggings and knickers down.

She went, “hay, what about the children” I said there watching stuff, lets be quick. I pushed her over so she was kneeling on the bed and with the help of some lube, quickly squeezed myself into her. Damn she was tight, I could feel her really rapping around my cock, it’s a lovely feeling, feeling her tight around me.

I started thrusting in a circular motion and sliding my cock upwards as I did so. She started making the quite mmmm’s and ahh’s when she’s starting to really enjoy it.

I was holding on to her hips pulling her back and pushing her forwards, standing still, so in effect, I’m making her do all the work. She buried her face into the duvet and stretched her arm out, clasping her hands together. I’m looking at her gorgeous feminine figure, bum up arms out and I started thinking to myself, hor good she would look with a bit of shibari ropework, binding her hands and stretching her out, she looks stunning when she’s being fucked, especially in a position like doggy, when I get to see her body and especially her back tattoo.

Later, were looking forward to her being on top, then she’ll be able to guide my cock deep into hitting her cum spot.


Her back, done by one of the top ten UK female tattoo artists. I’m not giving away names for privacy purposes.