We got a coffee machine, now my five year old won’t stop asking for it.

I’d prefer it if she and her sister would drink tea, but no. Until this morning, they were only interested in juice, water or hot chocolate. How the coffee machine is in the kitchen all she want’s is coffee.

we’ve got a lot of coffee making paraphernalia, a Turkish Ibrik for making thick sugary sweet Turkish coffee, a Bialetti Moka, for stove top espressos and now a Phillips senseo. Before, it was always instant in the morning. My morning routine was bumble into kitchen, light fag, fill kettle, spoon in coffee, gulp down. The breakfast of the hyper and highly strung, nicotine and caffeine, preferably in huge doses (if it wasn’t for the fact capstan full strength, gaulois and caporal are difficult to get and bloody expensive, I wouldn’t have to chain smoke shit fags).

I know, I know, health and cost about smoking, but I’m flegmatic about it. I’ve worked on quite a few actuarial mortality tables for Insurance and Assurance and the information is quite interesting. Given that these companies don’t easily want to part with their (your) cash, it’s interesting to see what impact things like smoking do really have on mortality.

Now, I’m not going to advise one way or another, its down to the individual to make their own choice. My choice is to smoke, I just wish the government would get off my case. They make revenue from taxation, I pay for health care through National Insurance and tax. I’ve never been a burden to the NHS (mainly because I think absolutely everyone who works in the NHS is a cunt of the first water), and if I become one, fuck it. I’ve made my contributions, it’s not my fault successive have squandered the money on farcical IT projects, because an arsehole from EDS, Accentua, KPMG, Deloitte and Touche have grifted the government.

Anyway, back to my original point, my youngest is still too young in my estimation to be drinking coffee.