Sharba Libyan, tomato, couscous and lamb soup

Tomorrow we will be indulging in a rather delicious soup.

It’s a lightly spiced tomato, couscous and lamb soup. Except ours will be a variation. Rather than regular couscous we will be using ptitem a much larger variant of couscous, frankly its a bit like the the old school semolina that you would use in a semolina pudding.

Ptitem, It’s a sort of couscous from Israel.

This is how we will make it:
Tomato and stock soup base, cumin, ras el hanout, a smidge of haweji (a Yemeni spice blend), get it up to a big rolling boil.

Drop in the cooked lamb, then take off boil, bring the heat down to about 80c, let the lamb heat through.

Finally, place in bowls and add the ptitem, serve with a touch of parsley and coriander.

If your a root veggie person add, carrot, parsnip, turnip and celeriac chunks.

Enjoy, serve with Iranian pide, a with a light white wine, alternatively, if you’ve ruined by adding stupid amounts of cheap chilli, a cold larger.

BTW, just cos we’ve used Libyan, Iranian and Yemeni foods, doesn’t mean we are scarfie funda-mental-ists, remember lots of Jews used to live in all those countries.