One state, my realism, there is no solution.

Obama needs to give up his dilettante fiddling with the Levantine, the whole region is one big political fuck up, to put it bluntly.

Hamas, Fateh and other Palestinian political shakers and makers aren’t in it for the Palestinian proletariat. Just as Jordan, Egypt and Saudi have really done fuck all for the Palestinians.

It’s the same for the Israeli proletariat, the politicians on both sides of the divide, keep this mess going to keep both peoples in a state of fear. If George Orwell was alive today watching what is going on, he could write 2041 as a sequel.

Frankly, it’s very Orwellian, the machinations in the Middle East. I get the feeling just about every political demagogue has deep ingrained need to be a modern day Nicolo Machiavelli, yet has little intelligence and foresight to see that a stable levantine will have an order of magnitude greater strength in world politics.

Combined, Israel, Lebanon and the Palestinian peoples (I would like to bring the Kurds into this, but I think there is too much physical separation) could bring about a powerful dynamic.

Presently, we are stuck, with two major economic super powers, western Europe and the US. China and Russia are trying to keep up, Russia is a failing democracy and China isn’t one at all.

If a truly, pluralist, secular, democratic  levantine, could, if managed properly by the elected leaders, become a global powerhouse and another economic superpower.

Sadly, to many people are causing unrest to keep their own power agendas in play.