Minecon or Disney, our daughters voted Minecon

Minecons coming to Europe, our two daughters are ecstatic, we offered up a choice, Disney or Stampy, Squiddy or AmyLee33. Totally, unequivocally a resounding yes.

For them the prospect of meeting their idols in real life, is a huge thrill. They’ve been having some issues recently about being minecraft fans. Their previous school, the arrogant (yet thick) independent school  and their new state school, the offsted outsanding, the other children are bemused by minecraft. Probably because the parents are way too dim. But, hey that’s their problem not ours.

It has slightly bothered me that they maybe getting slightly ostracised because they Think Different, not in the apple fanboj way, but because we’ve exposed them to alternative external influences.

As an aside, the independent school was awash with dumb parents, sorry but being a doctor or a dentist now-a-days doesn’t mean your intelligent or well rounded. The only parents we got on with were academics in Paleo-Biology and art history.

But I digress, so a trip to minecon, I guess at this age cosplay is just plain old play. Their favourite playthings are old cardboard boxes decorated as Stampy and Squidoodly. They, play minecraft parcour in the living room, jumping from sofa to table. I used to do things like that, my favourite game at their age was mountaineering up my grandmothers upright piano (see was more worried about me damaging myself than the piano).

So it’s off to minecon, along the way I’ve got to get a couple of Xboxes and build them a PC each.

Ah! the joys of parenting.