I’ve accepted Atheism into my heart and Tesco’s has just helped to reaffirm it.

The guy at the till in Tesco’s was muslim, the girl he was serving was possibly muslim, she was buying Halal meat and Alcopops. He gave her a really hard time, he told her off for buying alcohol with halal meat, you shouldn’t be buying this, I’m not going to serve you.

It was her choice, he was just working a till not making decisions on behalf of Tesco who to serve or not, obviously he was being judgemental. He served me a white British male with two bottles of wine with out a peep. Does it matter if a muslim girl wants a drink, it between her and her g-d not some arbitrary little creep who thought he had the moral high ground. He didn’t even know if she was muslim, she could have been Hindi or Sihk. Even if she was in a niquab, its still her choice, no one else’s, this isn’t Saudi it’s London.

This is why I detest the religious with a passion, religion gives them the excuse they need to be judgemental bastards. This happens every microsecond of every day, the religious judging people, doesn’t your g-d or g-ds tell you not to judge. Hypocrites.

The low grade christian filth are just as bad, their fucking saviour did’t tell them to judge people, yet the scum do. You know I’m glad they believe in hell, they all need to be put there right now.


Wouldn’t it be fucking hillarious, if their g-d did pop up and put all us atheists into heaven, because we aren’t using religion to justify shit world views.

If any person who follows a g-d reads this, fuck off, you fucking hypocrites, you disgust me.