Alcohol and parenting, stop the drinking and be responsible.

Today, at 8:50 a mum in the playground was pissed, not pissed angry, pissed as in inebriated. It stuns me how people forgo driving a car when the have 0.08% bac, yet they will quite cheerfully get shitfaced drunk looking after children. This isn’t by far an isolated incident at the school gate.

Hogarth’s Gin Alley and Beer Street Wikipedia.

This morning at the school gate a mum was shitfaced dropping her kid off at school. 8:50 in the morning. That’s a dedicated twat fo’ sure. I vaguely understand being pissed at 3:30. I know I could do it there’s quite a nice boozer not far from the school I could easily go in there at 1pm and start hitting the sauce.

It’s not the first time I’ve seen thus at the school gate. The thing is what kind of fuck up thinks that they should be doing anything after they’ve had a drink, it impairs cognitive processes. Mind you these are the same arseholes who think its ok to drink and drive. So no pity from me when you kill your kid or now someone down in your motor cos you think in your stupidity its ok to drink and do anything.