Never Surrender, why christians and submissives have got it wrong

I find that there is a lot of similarity in the writings by submissives in the BDSM community and christian evangelicals. Ouch, two groups who on the surface seem to be diametrically opposed. Both appear to want to surrender themselves. christians to g-d, subs to their “sirs” (what a trite word to use). Frankly, I know little about both communities other than what I see in pop culture, my knowledge of christianity comes from films like Dogma, TV shows like supernatural and having brief but boring conversions with door knockers. The BDSM community again, gawker TV, nights out at the Torture Garden in Brixton. So with both I haven’t delved deep, but I’ve seen enough to realise that they are actually very very similar.

I don’t know why anyone would want to surrender, it’s cowardice of the worst sort, letting something else determine your way of thinking, following what you are told to do. Both groups would argue that they made the choice to surrender, but why? Why would anyone not want to be able to determine their own path through life. It strikes me as very odd indeed.

I’ve also noticed that both groups, have a set of observances, sacraments and are liturgical about their choice. Note I’ve used the word choice, they obviously found the information from somewhere (mostly upbringing) and elected to follow a certain way of behaving. Very curious, very curious indeed. Both agree that if they are good, they get rewarded, both agree if they do wrong, they get punished. take these almost identical sentences

I love how each and every day I learn something new about my submission to g-d


I love how each and every day I learn something new about my submission to sir

If you’re a sub, you’ll agree with the second, if you’re an christian evangelical, you’ll agree with the first. Both groups have probably said it at some point.

Another good set of similar sentences

Everyday I surrender myself to sir, I feel greater for sir’s love


Everyday I surrender myself to g-d, I feel greater for g-d’s love


Again, rather recognisable, eh! Now I’m sure there is a schism in both groups that have come together as evangelical submissives, with their pastor/sir’s, I couldn’t think of a more tedious group. Ah! but I’m ignorant, ignorant of what exactly, not understanding sogrid (I’ve invented that word), if only you would submit to sogrid and take him into your heart and understand that he loves you and will guide you. No, no thanks, I’ve got two kids to bring up in London and support my wife’s career and create a Minecraft parcour world for my eldest daughter to play in.

And I’m judgemental, too fucking right I am, but you two groups aren’t judgemental are you? Well you believe your not, until someone takes the piss out of your rather shallow world views, then you both get very judgemental. You’ve never experience real trust, honesty, openness yadda yadda yadda. Well maybe I haven’t but I have enough strength of will, to never surrender as I face life square on and deal with it, in my own way. My Choice.