I am an atheist, but I’m not interested in “converting”

I’ve noticed that a lot of “ministries” (isn’t that a pseudonym for grifting) keep on chanting about the counter arguments for atheism. The one thing they don’t grasp and why they cannot empathise with atheists is that they don’t understand what it is when a g-d-botherer falls back on their catchall of faith.

I have absolute faith and conviction that there is no g-d. Examine your own feelings and consider that I have exactly the same feelings. But mostly they are nut bright enough to contemplate that position.

Mostly, the religious evangelists have confused atheism with agnosticism, and that’s what they are attempting to do when making their counter arguments. Appeal to the inner agnostic.

I do enjoy reading their posts, its a fascinating look into their inner weltanschaung, the assumption that there is no other take on g-d other than their narrow post-Protestant christian view point. Neglecting that there is nearly 5 billion people who follow other faiths. A Mongolian Animist herdsman, would have a real difficulty understanding, yet he follows a g-d in his own way.

There appears to be too much raging back and forth over the strophe and anti-strophe of these liturgies. So for the g-d botherers here is the true argument for atheism, I remain an atheist, irrespective of all arguments to the contrary, that is proof positive that there is no g-d