Alcoholics why do they behave the way they do

I should really get myself along to Al-Anon, to try to find a way to solve my attitude to my wife’s drinking.

I can see through the tissue of lies, yet she doesn’t get it that lying about the drinking is an order of magnitude worse than the drinking itself.

She cannot be upfront about it at all, if anyone who has an alcoholic partner knows, the lengths they go through to cover up and lie to the family to pretend that they are sober. If they put a percent of the energy into staying on the straight and narrow, they could use the rest of the energy for good.

So, tonight we have the slurry voice on the phone, a drenching of deodorant to cover the smell and a fib about the amount of money spent.

I don’t know what to do, I don’t have the money to cut and run and to take the children with me, I don’t have external support to help.

She doesn’t get the fact that I can’t stand her on days like this.