Week 17:4

The house moving is starting to gain momentum, which is good, but we’ve got to do the actually packing and moving once everything is agreed.

I was asleep by 8:30 last night, I must admit I needed it. DW stayed up way past her bedtime, immaturely listening to her music and drinking. It’s a work night love, be reasonable, save the teenage self indulgence to the weekend, better still, just grow up.

The neighbourhood that we’re leaving is going to fuel the London house bubble, house prices have risen to half a million quid for a three bed house. But it’s not a zone of transition. Just round the corner from where we live, is a cross roads, little shops including a betting shop, two off licence, a Nigerian hair salon and a. Chinese hair salon. Each of the corners is controlled by an ethnic gang, Yardies have one, Bratva another, BanglaGansta another and a ManDem the last one. Obviously, during the day there is a little truce going on. But recently, nearly everynight the sirens have been going off and the biggest London gang swings into action, the Met (metropolitan police). It’s another interesting thing to note, that the sharia enforcers haven’t spread to there yet, further along there are a number of masjids and radical mosques springing up. It will be really interesting for the Islington lentil collective, the borough is be marketed as a lower cost alternative to Islington, yet living here its a world apart from the white urbane career mediaistas of Islington, this borough is going to transition to a shithole pretty quick. Especially after the mediaistas have realised they bought into a flanker and dump and run.