Poor behaviour is poor behaviour no matter what your background.

Independent schools, private schools, non state schools, what an utter farce. The brand identity of your common or garden school is that they are elitist, truth is that is only in their own shallow arrogant minds.

Yesterday, we bumped into Hugo Buttholio-Twattingstall (name change), he is at the independent school my children were at. He is eleven, he is an arse hole, he is a nasty, bullying, smug idiot, just like his mum. He told my five year old daughter to “fuck off, bitch, fuck off”. Clytemnestra his mum, did nothing about it, she has that disgraceful meth chic, that only the self centered, think they are perfect, fashionista look that you develop from going to one too many media junkets and thinking it makes you important.

So I asked Clytemnestra to make him apologise, she wouldn’t, I looked her square in the eyes and pointed out, that he hears it somewhere at home and judging by your behavior, his male role model says it to women, thus I’m assuming its your husband and I can understand from your self abrogating behaviour he says it to you.

Oh, she went ballistic, it was so funny, in a public place, I then said I was  ringing the police, she worked herself up even more. Trying to grab my phone. I said quietly and firmly, you are committing several crimes here, all of which I will pursue with the police and ensure that you receive the highest penalty possible.

She shut up grabbed her kid and ran for her car, i snapped a pic.

My point is is that independent school do not create good behaviours, you may learn the pretense of good behaviour, but if the foundations at home aren’t there, then a child does not have the role models and end up going on to perpetuate poor behavior.

Independent schools act as a screen, state schools have an obligation regardless of your income to report behaviours that stem from an abusive environment (I use abuse in the wider sense).

Ultimately, when people sneer and complain about state schools, it’s not the schools fault, it’s the parents fault as that is where children get their primary socialisation.

Anyway, I haven’t, pursued Clytemnestra, not worth my time or effort.