Parenting and relationship book must not contain religious text references

It pisses me off when you get a book from amazon and it’s liberally salted with biblical twaddle. No where in the Torah, bible or Q’ran (capitalisation on purpose), does it say.

” spake unto HIS followers, lo do not let thy kids watch US or Japanese based cartoon on thou’ust telly box, it is a grievous fuck up of their little minds”


” do not thou feedest thine offspring with highly processed sugary fatty foods from the fast food establishment”

” don’t read books from cunts who have some hidden evangelical agenda, who expect you to treat your wife like a second class citizen”

I’m sure some one can do some hermanutic wrangling to cast some quasi believable take on the examples of the above.

But I do not like people who use religious texts for their own agendas, which seems very commonplace. From what I know, there are passages in the judeo-christian-Islamic texts that advocate divorce, rape and child abuse. Plus all that shit is ancient shit.

Don’t reinterpretate old shit, for the modern world, especially when don’t lie with beasts and men is used to advocate against homosexuality, but no one seems to use love thy brother to advocate for homosexuality. It doesn’t explicitly say: do not use your penis to enter another male’s anus for personal sexual gratification purposes, lie and love are both synonyms for sex.

I want real world experience from people who have experienced in the real world.