Minecraft, PC or Xbox, my eight year old daughter is undecided

For the last two weeks we’ve been watching stampylongnose and iballisticsquid tubes no stop. So I’m pretty much clued up now on the minecraft genre.

Tomorrow, I have to start building her a parcour and pixel art world. So today she was informing me of the arguments raging back and forth over xbox versus PC, oh well, there you go. It’s started.

I have to admit stampy and squid are excellent, oh yeh and amy lee 33. My youngest loves squiddy and is still wearing her ballisticsquid costume that we made her, except on the day she was in fancy dress some of the mums at the school gate complained about her dressed as a monster. Loves, your school gate alcoholism (yes, several collect their kids pissed) is more monsterous than a kid who is enthralled by modern culture.

I guess stampy and squiddy haven’t hit chat and loveit yet. Well it’ll be in EastEnders when the beeb catch up with the real world rather than their arseholes.