Idiots, learn the highway code.

I just had a run in with a specimen in a Mercedes, you are supposed to slow and stop, especially if the person has two young children.

Chucklehead in the blue merc wasn’t slowing down, I indicated it was a pedestrian crossing and he screeched to a halt. I said while I was crossing,

Learn the highway code dipshit.

He rolled the window of his merc down and started saying crap, you look like a gentleman but you are rude. In a rather thick hindi accent.

I replied, ” You stop at pedestrian crossings, idiot. This is London not Mumbai, but then what can I expect from a dalit who learnt to drive in India, you weren’t paying attention”

He went ballistic, it was so funny, but then that was my intention. Dalit is the lowest caste, fuck me, the caste system perpetuates here to London, so much so for a pluralist society.

Expats eh! They move to another country and aren’t interested in integration, no wonder the natives end up being exclusionary. He should count his blessings and learn the highway code.