Week 17:2

We’re going to fail on the references (credit score) for the house. It the usual case of “the computer says no” Basically, look at one value on the screen and that determines the outcome, get the number and above, it’s an ok. Get below the number and its piss off (after paying £350). It’s the typical British lazy way of working.

The thing is risk is complex, it can’t be determined by aggregating a  set of values, otherwise there would be no need for all the underwriters at. Lloyds of London, plus all the brokers. An underwriter doesn’t determine risk from experian, he uses knowledge and experience. We’ve rented for five and a half years, and paid the rent every month on time. That fact will not be taken into consideration , because finding that information requires more work. So perhaps we are going to see a new phenomenon, the middle class, middle income homeless.