Partial queening, multitasking sex and then moving into 69

I talked DW into 69ing last night, she’s not overly fond of it, it involves too much multitasking and sensory overload. She likes her oral in a relaxed position so she can take her time in cuming and working up a dirty story in her head to help with her orgasm.

so she’s not over keen on 69, the positions a bit uncomfortable for her, she’s nearly as tall as me and it always ends with knees in armpits and bit of faffing.

So I lay with my head at the foot of the bed, she climbed on top and then sat on my face with her pussy right over my mouth, she’s got lovely small neat lips and they are really soft and squidgy, I liken them to satsuma segments in syrup, if you’ve ever eaten a tin and rolled the squidgy, syrupy segments around your mouth, then you’ll have a fair idea of what sucking her pussy is like.

So I enjoyed that for a while, but had to slow to a near stop as she was getting to the point where she wanted to flip onto her back. She then lent forward an took me into her mouth, we played a little game for a bit, follow the leader, I’d stop, she’d use her tongue in a certain way and I’d copy it on her clit.

She rolled off, continued to suck me before we got into position for sex. I have to admit I came pretty quickly and emptied a huge load into her pussy. She like the deep squirt of cum and my cock twitched and quivered for about a minute as pulse after pulse of cum came out of me and into her.

We rolled off, relaxed and chatted for a bit,  had a good night snog and went blissfully into the land of sleep.