Fungal foot infection, the itchiness, the smell, the annoyancy and my attempts of scorched earth and chemical warfare on it.

Fungal infections in your toes are seriously irritating, the chemists are closed today so I couldn’t get any lamasil, I read this idiot site about the 101 uses of coconut oil. Obviously, now, the person put in that coconut oil has natural anti-fungal properties. No it does not, it just made things itchier, adding it as a bit of fluff to make your list look pukka.

Anyway, i started off with giving the area a good clean with antibacterial, antifungal and anti MRSA wash… oooh! it was stingy and the smell, I almost expected rotten old mushrooms in the crevices of my feet. It was moist too, after giving my feet a good airing they were still moist. Then it was a blast of lamasil, again stingy. Finally, a good rub down all over with a bug zapping ointment.

Well, time to start again.