Yesterday wee found a new place to live, Its smaller and more expensive than our current place, but it’s got a ginormous kitchen and dining area. Best of all its a 9 minute (20 with dolly daydream dawdling).

Downside is that three really isn’t any room for my books and computer equipment. I’m going to end up putting that stuff into the garage. 1000+ computer science text books and a Jeff Attwood inspired workstation (I can run 8 vm images concurrently on it with eclipse and visual studio with no lag). Its a really cool build and I futureproofed it too, and Its a quiet cool build too, I’ve never seen the cpu’s go over 57c.

But the children and DW have seen the end of my career,  so what does that matter. Since I was diagnosed with depression I’ve lost all interest in most things computing. Too many cockstars, and numpty no nothing senior devs have put paid to that. That’s one of the trouble working in the city as a financial services software developer. The ones who stay forever and rise in the business have never experienced anything beyond the end of their nose and the codebases are so chossy and you have to spelunk through a 10k loc god method to find why variable v looks like a negative base 64 integer but actually is a string.

Anyway, I need to think about what to do.

Back to the house, were going to have a bunkbed in a single room and make so that the girls just focus on sleeping. The other double bedroom will be a dressing room, tv, play room and let mummy and daddy have some peace room.

Today though we’ll be making a costume and taking a video for the girls to post to stampy cat and squiddy with a challenge, hint they’ll be singing “I shot my arrows in the air sometimes going eh oh, creepers KOed”