How many times in a day have you had sex with your partner.

What counts as the number, I consider it from the time you get naked to when your clothed and doing something else. So for me irrespective of the number of ejaculations and orgasms (the cums), from start to finish its once.

For DW she count’s the cums and position swaps, often our conversation will go like this:

Her: We’ve had sex six times you can’t want more.

Me: Six, no it’s once.

Her: You came three time, I came twice and squirted once.

Me: errm ok I guess, still reckon its once, how about we do it again at bedtime.

Her: OK, but nothing too fancy.

It just shows that everyone has a totally different take on sex and why no one should ever force their opinion on another.

DW does inform me that we have quite a lot of sex for a married couple with children, we wouldn’t quite call it daily but our bedtime routine usually involves around 20 minutes of one or more of one playing with the other, oral or entry, some evenings its a mix of two or three, other evenings its just the one, and then there are the evenings where we start about 9ish and finish late into the night.