Enterprise systems, heartbleed and why it will make CIO feel so justified in there poor choices.

Heartbleed, isn’t just about mumsnet getting hacked, it’s going to have a terrible domino effect in enterprise computing systems. Most Enterprise CIO’s aren’t bright enough to properly understand the systems they are responsible for they understand the politics  of the business to rise to that position, yet they are constantly spoon fed information from consultants and advisors.

Heartbleed will now allow huge amounts of justification as to why the enterprise shouldn’t adopt FOSS and stick to paying through the nose for closed source in the false belief that paying for it gives you a better service. It came at the wrong time just as XP security stopped and the Enterprise was slowly coming to terms withnFOSS. So all these businesses who are still using XP as a desktop for mission critical business applications because they couldn’t be bothered to either upgrade to W7 (it’s not proven) or have the mission critical software re-written to a modern standard. It’s a bit like the millennium scare, you were scared because you put the systems into maintainence rather that pay for improving.

I’m not anti Microsoft by any means, I love it but I stay ahead of the curve by paying attention. I also love mixed environments probably because I understand the endianness of OS’s and UTF. I just don’t like the fact that the vast majority of consultancies are bottom feeders and their staff can only do point and click.

Ultimately, the CIO’s are now going to feel justified in rejecting FOSS.