I never asked their names, the pointlessness of really casual sex

Before I got it together with the woman I fell in love with and who became my wife. I never really had a monogamous relationship. Actually, you can’t really call them relationships at all as I was never interested in committing. There are a number of people I had sex with, whose names I never asked, Its not that I’ve forgotten them because of how long ago they happened, it’s just that I never asked.

In my twenties I worked in a nightclub as a cocktail barman. Gay night was good fun. I don’t have a gag reflex, so I’d take a banana all the way into my mouth and close it, for the entertainment of the gay guys, it got me good tips I can tell you. The added benefit for me was the camp followers, there’d always be a girl who was hot for her gay friend, a few drinks and she would show an interest, which I was often up for.

I had that attitude for a long time, if someone was available and showed interest, then I was up for emotionless sex. I was fokken good at it, I was nice I took an interest, I would listen. Mostly I was switched off. They were in the main one night stands, there were a couple of occasions when we’d bump into each other and have another spin around the block. One woman I dated for a while Lisa, suggested I should be a male escort, that was funny. I was too easy to accept money. During our time together, I had sex with, oh! shit, the number is embarrassing, that many in a nine month period, what the fok was I playing at! Thankfully, I always used protection.

I do regret it, I hurt a lot of people, I don’t regret it because its part of me.

To use the butthole surfers, It’s better to regret something you have done.

Enjoy the track.