How to give encouragement to help someone enjoy giving head

our first night in bed, DW went down on me, she asked if it would be OK, I think I said that would be nice or some such. Earlier I’d gone down on her, I took my time, explored her with kisses until she relaxed and settled in to it, she was really tense at first and it remained like that for a while.

So when DW went down on me it was a bit surprising, she went directly for the deep-throat, all I could hear was a coughing, spluttering, gagging sound. I said you don’t have to do that, just give it kisses.

Over the years DW has changed her style a lot. She’s not built for deep-throating and she’s not a swallower, rather we snowball.

It took a while for her to get into it, she didn’t like a man cuming in her mouth anyway before we met, I explained that I would like her to take to completion as cuming in a mouth does feel different to cumming in a pussy. So over time she took to moving her hand and head in unison, hand clamped on my shaft just under the glans, mouth around my head moving in time while her other hand grips the base of my cock so it doesn’t spring off in the wrong direction.

She’s really good, she uses her mouth to explore my cock, she umms and ahhs from time to time which is dead sexy and she now enjoys a mouthful not for swallowing or spitting but for snowballing.

One evening she had a mate round and was discussing her mates piss-poor sex life, it turned out that her boyfriend as a self centred, narcissistic toerag. DW mate was describing her blowjob and said she always swallowed, but he never went down and never had made her cum at all. DW recommended that she dump him and find someone better. And, hey why not try snowballing as it had changed D perspective from something that was done to something that was shared.