How do I become romantic at the ten year milestone of being married

How do I do it? I’ve never really been a romantic man,  I did sweep DW off her feet when we met, I was fun, funny, kind and was the best sex she’d ever had, mainly because I was attentive to her body and generally listened to what she was saying and because I’m confident in bed.

But, I can say unequivocally, that I’m not romantic. I’ve never paid attention to romance, if I’ve read anything about it, it’s always seemed cheezy and not directed to the masculine way of thinking. If any one knows of tips or tricks that help a tired old man become romantic let me know, please.

Update, I now know why I can’t be bothered, I heard DW get up, I went upstairs to give her a nice morning snog and she said, we’ll do it another day, it takes two to fokken tango love.