Your tablet has ten finger touch – ooooo look what I can do

People always assume that children are really au-fait with consumer technology and once your past 40 you know bugger all. I just told my eight year old DD1, that her nexus has multi touch, so the drawing app can do a little more than just a line.

There was enthusiastic approval of that piece of info, wow look what I can do. Hmmmm! yes I knew that. It used to surprise me, how technologically illiterate most 20 something’s are. I started dicking around with computers 35 years ago an apple II to be precise. A year ago I got myself “sacked” from cheder cos I upset some teenagers about there ICT illiteracy. They were doing a project which required some video editing. I installed an open source app and was talking them through some stuff. One of them asked a question, I suggested that they use the help. The one in question is known for being lazy and expecting everything handed on a plate. I was then asked where’s help.

Me rather exasperated went you know the menu bar at the top, read the things there one of the says help, or you can Google or RTFM. Five more dumb lazy please spoon feed me questions later, I Snapped, If you can’t be bothered doing it yourself, whats the point of you doing your tzedakah.

Later on the headteacher of the cheder rung me apologising if I didn’t mind not doing the project as the teen in question had complained to her parents saying that I had actually said the words of RTFM. He knew that wasn’t the case as he was in the room to. So I gave up.

I got my own back though. I was on the bus when she got on with two Caribbean boys, in school uniform a school I recognised. Not recognising me, she sat behind us (me and a five year old and eight year old daughters) explaining loudly how she liked to fuck and suck. A nexus 4 has two cameras, so it was a piece of piss for me to record her. I contacted the school, told them what I had heard and said they could see the footage if they wished. Well, she was excluded they contacted the cheder head teacher and well, revenge a dish best served cold.