Project Ara, good concept, but lets just see.

Google glass, good idea, badly executed by the general public. If you walk through any busy London station during peak time, you see loads of schmucks glued to their ipads, walking through a busy station, bumping into people, being twats on an escalator or generally I’m a twat who thinks what I’m reading, what I’m watching is so much more fokken (I’m back into Die Antwoord) important than public safety. I dread google glass being common place cos people with disposable cash will be even bigger twats.

But Project Ara, I like the idea of cherry picking the modules I want in a phone. I don’t need cameras on my phones, I carry a motog and a nexus 4. I’d pick the large endo (the frame) add hdmi out, a pico projector, keyboard and additional storage. Ditch the sensors, bluetooth and nfc.

Frankly I think it’s conceptually good.