The lunchtime glory

Pretty similar to the morning glory, but has happened at lunchtime. I like it when my cock gets rock hard. There are times when DW makes it like an iron bar. I’m thinking about the day she wore her pink corset and black pencil skirt. Once she’d finished getting ready, she stood in the hallway and asked “Do you like?”. As she said that, she pulled her skirt down to reveal a gray lace thong. I got hard, she then said “how about this?”, pulling the front of her knickers down to show me her bare pussy. Just low enough to see the top of her pussy lips.

DW has a near perfect pussy, neither inney or outey, neat lips, that neat line of where her lips join just above her clit and a nice pink button of a clit. Its a perfect pussy to lick. And when she opens herself up for me a glorious, pink moist sight to behold.

There are time when she makes me so hard. Our first week in bed together, on day three I was walking around her flat naked and hard. She knelt to give me a blowie, gave the tip of my cock a kiss and said “wow, your really hard, really hard”. “Try biting it ” I said. She tried to sink her teeth in to discover just hard hard I was. Thing is though, when I’m that hard, I’ve really swollen up a lot, there are times when DW has trouble opening her mouth wide enough to take it in. So she just spends along time kissing all over my cock, which is damn lovely.

It does cause some issues though, at times its really difficult to enter her without lots and lots of lube and lots of foreplay. But, I’ve hit her cervix enough times to make her cum, for it to open while she’s orgasming and for us to have had two children.

I would love to have her right now riding on top of me, tight pussy wrapped around my cock, hands on my chest, eyes closed lifting herself up and down, or lying on my chest, while I’m thrusting up into her.

After I’ve cum, she likes to feel my cum trickle out of her and the skin of my cock feels wonderfully smooth and soft after its been marinaded in her gorgeous pussy juice.

My cock is tingling in anticipation of tonight now.