Homely Married, unavailable outside of school hours

I’ve been reading Thoughtworks Tech Radar


And of the current Adopt technologies

At home I’ve used all these, yet I go for an interview and it’s not wanted, because my career is all “mature” technologies, plus I’m old and not hip. Even the term hip has come back into fashion. So all those old school things I’ve done aren’t old school enough for the for einstürzende neutechnologie. I’m currently on a career break looking after the children, so I’m caught yet again between a rock and a hard place. Too old for the new, Too bored for the mature. Frankly, I should look for a CIO or CTO job, but too many years programming I’m in my third career break. The first one was to nurse DW through breast cancer, the second was to support DW in her breakthrough job and look after the children, this one again is to look after the children. Each return from a career break has seen me go down the ladder, my last job was the same level as the job I had 15 years ago.

I caught agile processes (scrum, XP, Lean) shortly after the Agile Manifesto as I was a reader of Martin Folwer, yet so many people are taken aback that I have the First Editions of Kent Beck’s Books on XP, Ken Schwaber’s Scrum. Well boo hoo to me eh! don’t be an early adopter, wait until Thoughtworks says its ok and then do it