Drinking buddies the difference between men and women

I’ve noticed that there is little difference in the advice handed out to men and women seeking recovery from alcoholism. Men are certainly treated differently to women. I have three mates who are alcoholic men, they slip back and forth, from sobriety and abstinence to heavy drinking again. Each, would have no qualms, in telling me they are back in the pub. They only see me as a mate and as a one of the people they can rely on to meet up with them. We have brief discussions about not drinking, quitting again and then they have a drink. I’m not a sponsor, I don’t hide the fact I don’t like drinking or more to the point, their alcoholism. But by the time we meet up I already know that they are drinking. I’m a friend, I can’t say no to going out to meet them.

But, there is a world of difference between when men slip and women slip, for my wife she sneaks a crafty drink on the way home, that slowly builds into more and more hidden drinking, until it cant be hidden any longer.

Maybe the difference is is that I’m not as close to the blokes.