Antidepressants, weight loss and sex.

Taking antidepressants puts you in a difficult place, taking the antidepressants, my mercurial mood swings are lessening, which is overall good for me, DW and the family. Also I’m loosing weight as well, my stomach is loosing its paunch and starting to look flatter.

That’s good, because I’m getting my body back to the shape it was in when we first got it together, my moobs are going and my chest, is starting to square up. My waist is narrowing And I’ve a couple of trouser sizes. Finally, I’m getting a V shape back. I used to have a swimmers physique way back when.

There is a downside though, I can still get it up, but I’m having difficulties ejaculating, serious difficulties. It’s unfair on DW as she does enjoy feeling me unleash inside her. Think about it and her just now has got me aroused, yet even if I try to knock one out, it still doesn’t want to perform.

I don’t know what to do as I don’t think that my depression has been effectively cured yet. I don’t want to take more drugs to increase sensitivity and what ever, to make it work (is there such a thing?) so here I am rock and hard place.