Ah! we’ve had a lot of fun tonight

Wow, have we had fun tonight, we had good hard love making early in the evening and I’ve had four brilliant blowies from DW, maybe even five once we go to bed.  We’ve watched some good TV and had a lot of sex.

When we first got together we would fuck for around 18 hours, we were younger, fitter no children and want to be adventurous with each other. In our first year together we broke three bed no actually four as I’ve just been reminded.

First was in DW’s flat during our first five days as a couple, then my bed once DW moved in. A hotel bed in Tunisia on our first holiday as a married couple, and the the bed in our first house.

When I say sex, I don’t think there is a word for it in English, it’s not mechanical sex, its not sex for procreation, it’s for the sheer enjoyment of each other, our bodies, our orgasms, the passion and vigour of two people who want to express there desire and passion in a physical format.

Coitus, fornication,sex, fucking a shag, doesn’t sum up how good it is. It’s never been mediocre and I know what boring mediocre sex is.

I was dating this German girl, she was bad. Once I was fucking her doggy style, she was face down pillow biting, moaning and groaning in a fashion that said it was more contrived than enjoyed. I’m thrusting away when all of a sudden I  remembered that the dishes needed doing, pulled out and went off and stared to do them, all of a sudden she appeared in the kitchen shouting at me cos I’d suddenly walked out of the bedroom. I went Oh! you know that sudden feeling that you should be doing something else but not.