Whoops, I just whacked my phone with my komboloi

I use komboloi, Greek worry beads, in Judaism its not halacha to use pray beads, you can fiddle with the knotted strings your tziztit on your talit. But either way I just like them to fiddle with.

So phone in one hand, and I’m flicking my kolomboi with the other when suddenly there’s a loud clack, I’d just whacked my phone with the kolomboi, what a dope.

Anyway both are ok, I’m a bit anal about looking after things. DW and the DDs’ have an entirely different attitude to me, DD1 is on to her second Nexus 7, DD2’s nexus 7 has a cracked screen, DW soaked her nexus 7 (if she had told me in a timely manner I could have saved it), she also has a tendency to sit on phones too.