Week 16:3

Today we have a playdate, one of DD2 classmates is coming over at 9:15 and staying until 2:30.

I’m not looking forward to it as it’s going to be hard work, two five year olds and an eight year old, tantrums, squabbling and general “I wants”… argh!

Yesterday, DW was relating a mumsnet post to me, where a stay at home mum ask how do you stop the children from constantly hassling you to play with them.

She got a hammering from the mumsnet lentil weavers that you got to be constantly at your children’s beck and call to entertain them. I bet the lentil weavers who were griping at her don’t actually have children. I just bet they are singleton cat lovers who believe they would be brilliant mothers if only Mr Right materialised.

Its seems to me that too many people sit on their hands waiting for their idealised partner, it’s  a flawed was to live. I know that I’m no-ones Mr. Right (and I probably wouldn’t like the person who does think that).

If you questioned DW as to whether I’m her Mr. Right, you would probably find that I’m not. My primary trait is being mercurial, but I do have qualities that compliment her.

It’s tough being in a long term relationship, tough in the respect that I have to alter my perspectives and views so that we work together. It’s easy for the mumsnet crowd to jump in and LTB the moment someone post a relationship question, mainly because its their own agenda they’re espousing and second they peer into a relationship through a nanoscopic hole.