She is gorgeous, more thoughts on DW

I really fancy, desire, love DW, she is absolutely gorgeous, some may consider this naive, rose tinted juvenalia, but nearly ten years in I look at her, I make love with her and she is! Well, words escape me.

She is like the female protagonist in Durrell’s Justine, she is the sea. Any quality that describes the sea, describes her. When I start to describe her, my mine casts back that one moment in time I savour the most. As the translation of Goethe’s die Zitronel Blummen

I say to the moment, stay now; you are so beautiful.

A long time ago on a sunny summers evening, I was sitting in the crook of a tree branch, where it meets the bole of a tree. The sun was slowly descending and the tree was on a hill top over the sea. A warm breeze, blew off the sea. The cicadas were playing their staccato chirrup. The waves were glittering with the orange of the sun. It was that one perfect moment in time.

Often DW brings the same feeling of, moment in time. Tonight is one of those, I desire her, her beauty surrounds me, her kisses are that warm caress of the sea on a hot summers evening as it rises over burning sand. For me she is like a Southern Mediterranean sunset in the height of summer.

DW is a breast cancer survivor, stage 3c unilateral mastectomy, no reconstruction and she remains beautiful.